Beaver Creek Skiing – 12/16/10

What a fabulous day at The Beav.  I made it up for a few runs this afternoon.  Here’s a rundown:

1.  Redtail to lower Goshawk – Redtail had been groomed and the snow was grippy and soft.  Lower Goshawk was soft tracked-up powder with baby bumps.

2.  Goshawk – Probably my favorite run on the mountain.  It was wonderful.  The power had been skied but there were still powder patches to be found.  The bumps were small and friendly.  There were a few twigs sticking up but easily avoidable. 

3.  Yarrow – soft powder that had set up slightly but still great skiing.  Yarrow is such a hidden treasure.

4.  Osprey on Grouse Mountain – Believe it or not, I didn’t  hit a rock on Grouse all day.  Osprey was also soft tracked-up snow with small bumps that were quite manageable. 

5.  Larkspur – I skied skier’s left in the small bumps that form on the side of the groomed run.  I really like practicing my bump skiing on this run.  The bumps were fairly well-formed and there were some great lines. 

6.  Screech Owl to Ptarmigan on Grouse Mountain – I like entering the lower entrance to Screech Owl.  It is steeper but a longer run that is not well-known.  I found many stretches of 9 inches of untracked powder!  It was heaven.   

7.  Centennial to Gold Dust to Assay – By now my legs were burning.  I enjoyed a fun groomed run to the bottom. 

What a wonderful start to the ski season.  Beaver Creek is skiing like the world-class resort it is.

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