Beaver Creek Ski Condition Update

It was negative 10 degrees Fahrenheit when I drove into the parking structure for my office in Beaver Creek this morning.  I love to ski but that is too cold for me to think about getting out and making some turns.

I did make it out yesterday when it was hovering around zero degrees but the sun did make an appearance.  It was an interesting day to say the least.  Beaver Creek reported 11 inches of new snow.  I think that was fairly accurate, although much of that fell during the day on Sunday.  I clearly didn’t have the correct wax on my skis for the temperature.  My skis kept grabbing throughout the day, making for inconsistent sliding. 

I started in Strawberry Park and enjoyed freshies on President Fords and Stacker.  After a few runs I headed over to Larkspur.  Yarrow was loads of fun.  I encountered places with over a foot of new snow.  The bumps were negotiable and really didn’t impact your line.  I made three runs down Yarrow then up Grouse.  I skied Screech Owl to take advantage of the powder.  Boy are the bumps huge!  I still struggle with big, powder covered bumps.  I need to be more aggressive. 

After a short break at Redtail Camp to rest my screaming legs, I headed off to Bachelor Gulch via Harrier to visit my lovely wife.  The lower black face on Harrier was probably my nicest run of the day.  A couple of chocolate cookies in Kim’s office helped revive my energy.

Three runs down Arrowhead got my heart pumping again.  Golden Bear and Little Brave were grippy and fun.  Cresta was a sheet of ice.  I’ll avoid that in the near future.  Then back to the office before my hands and nose froze.  All in all, a nice day.  Checking Epicmix, it added up to over 24,000 vertical feet.  No wonder my body was tired!

Ski conditions in Beaver Creek are excellent.  We have a 50 inch base, just about enough to test the tree skiing.  We are expecting some additional snow this weekend for the MLK holiday but I’ll be in Blue teaching for a few days.  Should be fun.

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