Epicmix – A Fun Addition from Vail Resorts

This year Vail Resorts offered season pass and Peaks pass holders the ability to track the lifts they rode during a day of skiing as well as the vertical feet they tallied.  This information was captured by scanners that read the RF chip on the pass as the skier passed under a gantry as they boarded a lift. 

The information is accessed by logging into the Epicmix homepage at http://www.snow.com/epicmix/home.aspx .  Once the skier creates a login and password, they can see the daily and season totals. 

Vail Resorts awarded digital “Pins” for accomplishing a particular feat, such as skiing 100,000 vertical feet, the “Wingardium Leviosa” pin.  They also awarded points based on a rather obscure system that I never could figure out. 

It has been fun seeing how much I skied over the course of a season and how I compared to other skiers.  I even set at goal – 1,000,000 vertical feet before the end of the season.  I’m within 75,000 feet and expect to complete it this week or next. 

The system still has a few bugs.  It occasionally misses a chairlift ride and I think the sorting system needs additional refinement.  But it has improved over the season and is a program that I highly recommend to guests.

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