Terry Nolan Appointed Rapattoni Project Manager by Vail Realtors Board of Directors

In late May, 2011 the Vail Board of Realtors (VBR) converted the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) vendor to Rapattoni.   The MLS is the software Real Estate Brokers use to communicate new listings, sales, etc. to the Real Estate community and their clients.  It is essential software for Real Estate Brokers.

As with any software conversion, bugs were encountered once the new system went live.   In hindsight, it appeared the Board of Directors (BOD) underestimated the resources required to modify and test the new MLS prior to implementation.  The Volunteer Task Forces were essential in helping get converted.  However, the BOD decided it was too much to ask a group of volunteers to lead the current effort.

To that end, the BOD asked Terry Nolan to take on the role of Rapattoni Project Manager with the sole objective of taking the new MLS system to the next level, as soon as humanly possible.   He will also be asked to manage the training effort and all communications regarding the MLS system.

Terry Nolan, a licensed broker with the Prudential and a member of the Board of Directors, is a highly experienced and skilled Project Manager.  The BOD felt it was critical to find someone who not only had the experience to lead the effort, but someone who was also a Realtor and understood the needs of Resort real estate professionals.

Terry will be tasked with leading the effort to modify the MLS system to fit our unique requirements in our resort community.  He will start immediately.

Terry will still require the assistance of numerous individuals who have volunteered their time in the past.  This will be a joint effort between Terry, Realtor volunteers, the very capable VBR Staff, and Rapattoni who has made modifying our MLS system their top priority.

The BOD is pleased that Terry has accepted this role and look forward to his leadership.


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