Cordillera Real Estate Market Update – 2/3/12

We have had many successes in Cordillera this past year together with the challenges, and we’d like to tell you about a few of them.  Many of you have called us to ask questions and we always welcome your inquiries.  It’s important to have the facts, so call us any time.

One misconception is that financing institutions will not loan on Cordillera properties.   Many, if not all of the sales, this past year have been financed and we will be happy to share the names of those participating institutions with you.

Since January 1, 2011, we have had over $33 million in sales; 22 homes have sold with an average selling price of $1.5 million.  There are currently 10 properties under contract, due to close shortly.  Just this past weekend, we had several brokers showing property and they placed 3 homes under contract.

We have observed that many of the new buyers in Cordillera are friends of owners and are confident that a resolution to the lawsuit is on the horizon.  They feel that now is a good time to buy in Cordillera with the unbeatable values that are available.  Interestingly, several of the buyers have been attorneys who have read the information regarding the lawsuits and feel comfortable with their purchases.

The Lodge and Spa has initiated a Cordillera membership for a minimal fee that makes all of the Lodge and Spa amenities available to Lodge members.  The Grouse on the Green and Mirador Restaurant are open to the public and as popular as ever.  Their list of special events for members is extensive, so call us for more information.

The Cordillera Vail Club at the base of Vail Mountain has initiated a special offering that gives 2 free days use of The Club to folks who may be interested in joining.  You do not have to be a Cordillera owner to take advantage of this opportunity.  Again, call us for more information.

We have been told that negotiations with The Club are taking place.  The Cordillera team is optimistic that there will be a settlement in the near future.

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