Cordillera News – David Wilhelm Resigns as Managing Partner, Dr. Jeffrey L. Rush Takes Over

The Cordillera Property Owners Association recently received two letters.  One from David Wilhelm, the former managing partner of the Cordillera Golf Club, and Dr. Jeffrey L. Rush, the new Managing Member of the Cordillera Golf Club.  The property owners received the following letter from Lois Deusen, the President of the Cordillera Property Owners Association.  Click on the links below to view the letters.

To all Cordillera Property Owners:

The CPOA Board has received two letters regarding the litigation which we want to share with the community. The first is from Dr. Jeffrey L. Rush describing the restructuring of the Club at Cordillera. The second is from David Wilhelm offering to settle the lawsuit against the CPOA and the CTC. The letters are attached and speak for themselves.  

As always, we welcome the opportunity to resolve the turmoil in the community and will be taking all appropriate steps to do so. In the meantime, the lawsuit proceeds. We are at the first stages of discovery. Written discovery has been propounded and depositions are being scheduled. We have a trial date of April 2013.

Thank you for your support and continued patience,

Lois M. Van Deusen


Cordillera Property Owners Association

Letter from David Wilhelm

Letter from Dr. Jeffrey L. Rush

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