Vail Resorts Epic Passes Go on Sale

Vail Resorts announced that Epic Passes for the 2012/2013 ski season are now on sale.  There are a variety of options to choose from:

  1. Epic Pass:  The original.  Completely unrestricted access to all 7 mountains in the Vail Resorts family including Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone, Heavenly, Northstar, and Kirkwood.  Also unrestricted access to Arapahoe Basin.$659 for Adults, $339 for kids.
  2. Epic 7-Day:  7 unrestricted days at all Vail Resorts mountains except Kirkwood.  $509 for adults, $259 for kids.
  3. Epic Local Pass:  This pass has restrictions on when and where you can ski.  Unlimited access to Breckenridge, Keystone, and Arapahoe Basin.  10 restricted days at Vail and Beaver Creek.  Limited restrictions at the California resorts of Heavenly, Northstar, and Kirkwood.  $509 for adults, $389 for teens, and $259 for kids.
  4. Summit Value  Pass:  Unlimited access to Keystone and Araphoe Basin.  Limited restrictions to Breckenridge.  $419 for adults, $329 for teens, and $209 for kids.
  5. Tahoe Local Pass:  Access with limited restrictions to Heavenly, Northstar, and Kirkwood.  $419 for adults, $319 for teens, and $199 for kids.
  6. Tahoe Value Pass:  Ski or ride 7 days a week at Heavenly and 6 days a week at Northstar and Kirkwood with some restrictions.  $379 for adults, $299 for teens, $179 for kids, and $299 for seniors.

It is hard to beat the value in these passes considering the price of 1-day lift tickets.  For anyone skiing more than just a few days, one of these passes is bound to fit not only your plans for next season but also your budget.  Go to the following site for more details and to reserve your pass now;  Vail Resorts Epic Passes.  You need to act before 4/15/12 to get the best prices.

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