Climbed Mt. Sherman with Some Fellow Brokers from Prudential & Friends

Thursday, 7/27/12, nine of us climbed Mt. Sherman, one of the easier 14ers.  We accessed the trail head from the Fairplay side.  We were able to park at 12,000 ft. so the hike was about 2,000 ft. elevation gain over 3 miles.   It is all above treeline and skirts several old mine sites.  The final 1/2 mile is along a knife-edge that is a somewhat frightening but there is little danger of falling.  We left the trail head about 7:30 and summitted 2 hours later.  It was a beautiful day and we had a great time.

The first photo is near the summit and shows my buddy Todd Morrison.   The second photo is of Molly looking for her soul sister, Sadie, who was her hiking buddy until she got too old to accompany us anymore.  The third photo is of the group on the summit and the final photo was back at the vehicles enjoying some cold adult beverages.

The group was made of of 3 Prudential brokers, myself, Jim Green, and Dave Whitman.  Dave’s girlfriend Stacey, my friends Todd Morrison and Tom Jenkins, and Jim’s friends Brian, Pat, and Kate completed the group.   A fun day was had by all.






















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