Good Recycling News for Eagle County from the Eagle Valley Alliance for Sustainability

RECYCLING UP from 1 & 2, all the way to 7!
As you know, recycling turns materials that would otherwise become waste into valuable resources. What you may not know is that you can now recycle plastic materials that are labeled 3-7 in Eagle County!
Previously, the Eagle County MRF (Materials Recovery Facility) only accepted plastic items labeled 1 & 2. These include common items such as soft drink containers and milk bottles. The MRF is now accepting plastic items labeled 3-7.
It is important to remember that not all plastic items are easily recyclable. Plastic bags are extremely difficult to recycle and they interfere with the machinery at the MRF. In fact, they are considered the WORST contaminant in the recycling stream as they get caught in the sorting equipment, cost the program money and sadly, wind up in the landfill. So, please do not put plastic bags in with your recycled items and please do not bag your recycled materials!
The Alliance highly recommends that you bring your own reusable bags to the store when shopping. Please keep in mind that while recycling is certainly a better option than trashing plastic items, it is better to avoid purchasing plastic items and single use packaging whenever possible. In the last 45 years, plastic use has increased 10,000 percent! Recycling does not negate the environmental damage caused when materials are extracted or during the manufacturing process. In addition, under certain conditions, all plastics can leach toxic materials, which can have adverse health risks. Particularly troublesome are 3’s (polyvinylchloride) and 6’s (polystyrene). For more information, visit
THE FOUR “R’s”: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Refuse (single use plastic items).

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